What is worship?

worshipWorship is a dialogue in which God and God’s people speak with one another. We listen as God speaks to us in scripture, as the word is preached, and as Christ’s presence comes close to us in Holy Communion. We respond to God’s love with our praises, our prayers, and the offering of our whole selves. When we gather for worship we desire to discern God’s will so that we may carry it out in daily life. To worship is to acknowledge God’s worth in acts of praise as well as in daily life.

Why do we worship?

God calls us to worship as a personal and collective expression of our gratitude for what God has done and a longing to know more of God and God’s purposes for our lives, our church and our world. Through worship we draw closer to God and find enriched.

How do we worship?

There are no clear instructions in scripture for the leading of worship, nor is there an agreed formula for Baptist churches. However there are a number of concerns which have always been important for Baptists in worship:

Attention to scripture. Exploring the Bible, either by preaching or through discussion.
Worship should be heartfelt and be open to God’s Holy Spirit to inspire it.
Worship is a communal experience, not just one or two leaders at the front.
We should seek God’s will and purpose through worship. This should then impact on our daily lives and telling others about Jesus.

Worship at Langley Free Church

We worship at Langley Free Church using a mixture of hymns and modern worship songs, reading the Bible and hearing preaching upon it. There is usually a talk for the children near the beginning of the service before they go out for sunday school. Once a month (On the 1st Sunday) we have a family all age service.

Drama sketches and dance are sometimes used to bring a bible passage or message to life and there is often a chance in the service to take part. Sometime we explore new ways of worshiping which are more interactive (discussion in small groups, youth services, art etc.) and use multi-media (video clips, music).

Church worship is not only to build up those that are already Christians but also an evangelistic opportunity to speak about the gospel to those present that have not made a commitment.